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Download and Installation Guide

    There are two recommended ways of setting up to play on the Singularity - UO free shard below. The first method is the highly recommend client called "ClassicUO" which provides an enhanced end user experience that really breathes fresh life into the UO world. You will be able to achieve a very clean framerate of 60fps or even higher as well as a number of in game options that make for a much better user experience. We still list the second "barebones" install option that only uses razor and the "UO Classic Client" but we highly recommend using ClassicUO. Every player that switches to this client is absolutely amazed at the immense improvements to how UO is experienced in this modernized client.

Method 1: ClassicUO + Razor Download and Installation Guide

     The Singularity - UO free shard recommends the "Classic UO" client, which will significantly enhance your UO experience with support for higher resolutions, more fluid animations, and added quality-of-life features.

Components to Download and Install

  1. Download the official UO Classic client at
  2. Download the ClassicUO client at
  3. Download the latest version of Razor at (version 1.6 or greater is required).

Singularity - UO Free Shard - UO Classic Singularity - UO Free Shard - ClassicUO Singularity - UO Free Shard - Razor

Install the UO Classic Client And Patch

  1. Install the official OSI UO Classic Client. You can install it to a folder of your choice or in the default recommended path. Later you will need this path when setting up ClassicUO.
  2. Run the new "Ultima Online Classic Client" shortcut that is now on your desktop.
  3. The official client will begin patching, wait for it to complete (about 20-60 minutes).
  4. When it is finished, click "cancel", you can delete the "Ultima Online Classic Client" shortcut from your desktop.

Install the Classic UO Launcher

  1. Classic UO downloads as a zip file, unzip the contents into whatever folder you would like to install everything (such as C:\ Classic UO Launcher).
  2. Create a shortcut on your desktop for the launcher (Classic UO Launcher.exe).
  3. Remember that this is not the same thing as the "UO Classic Client" you downloaded and patched in the previous step. This is a modernized client that makes the game play and animations much smoother.

Install Razor

  1. Razor downloads as a zip file, unzip the contents to the following folder: C:\ Classic UO Launcher\ ClassicUO\ Data\ Plugins\ Razor

Create a profile in the ClassicUO Launcher

  1. Start the Classic UO Launcher from the shortcut you created earlier. If you get a prompt from Windows Defender, click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".
  2. Click "Update available!" to get the latest version and wait for it to finish patching.
  3. Click "Edit profiles"
  4. Click "Add"
  5. Name the profile whatever you wish (such as "UO Singularity")
  6. Type the username you would like to use, and a password.
  7. Enter for the Server IP.
  8. Enter 2593 for the Port.
  9. For "UO path", click the arrow button on the right side to locate where you installed the offical OSI UO Classic Client (such as C:\ Classic UO Launcher\ Ultima Online)
  10. Switch to the "Plugins" tab at the top.
  11. Click "Add" and locate where you copied the Razor files (Classic UO Launcher\ ClassicUO\ Data\ Plugins\ Razor).
  12. Optional: Click the "Advanced" tab and uncheck "Music" if you don't want the login screen music to play.
  13. Click "Save profile"
  14. Click "Back"
  15. In the center of the launcher, you can select the profile you just created.
  16. Click "Launch!" to start the client. If Razor does not load, make sure it is in the correct folder!
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Profile

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Razor

Creating Profiles

     You can create a seprate profile for each account or even each character if you desire. Just copy the profile you created and specify the login information and the character name. Then enable "Remember password", "Autologin" and "Skip login screen". Type a character name if you would like to go straight into the game from the launcher.

Helpful ClassicUO Client Settings


  1. General - Enable Auto-open doors
  2. General - Enable Smooth boat movements
  3. Mobiles - Enable Show HP "line" mode "Less than 100%"
  4. Groups & Context - Enable Hold Shift to split stacks of items (This one changed my life!)
  5. Miscellaneous - Enable circle of transparency
  6. Miscellaneous - Enable Show target range indicator
  7. Miscellaneous - Enable drag-select to open health bars


  1. Disable Music


  1. Add your bank macros and so forth.


  1. Set FPS for high refresh-rate displays
  2. Disable Reduce FPS when game is inactive
  3. Game Window - Set game play window size no larger than 1920x1080. The game will not show mobiles, characters and world items beyond this.
  4. Game Window - Enable Lock game window moving resizing
  5. Misc - Disable Aura on mouse target (this one is a matter of taste)
  6. Filters - Set to Anisotropic Clamp for a bit better quality.


  1. Increase the font size, I recommend the 5th one.


  1. Increase the font size, I recommend the 5th one.


  1. Enable Active chat when pressing ENTER (If you use this, you wil have to press enter to talk in game, allowing you to bind macros and hotkeys to any key you like!)


  1. Enable Counters and Highlight on use. This can be used in place of Razor's title bar counters. 1 Row with 12 columns is great for keeping track of reagents and other consumables!

Info Bar

  1. Enable Show info bar. This can be used in place of Razor's title bar indicators.


  1. Increase container scale to 150.
  2. Enable Highlight container on ground when mouse is over a container gump

Method 2: Ultima Online Classic Client + Razor Download and Installation Guide

     This installation method is less popular and will not give as nice of an end user experience, but some players who want the true original UO experience might still prefer this method. In order to play on the Singularity - UO free shard using this method you will need to download and install two components:

  1. Ultima Online Classic Client
    (note that this client needs to be fully patched after installation)


  2. UO Razor

     Please navigate to the download pages for the "Ultima Online Classic Client" as well as the UO Razor client.

Singularity - UO Free Shard - UO Classic Singularity - UO Free Shard - Razor

Installation steps after downloading:

  1. Step 1:
    Install the Ultima Online Classic Client.
  2. Step 2:
    Start the Ultima Online Classic Client and fully patch the client, this may take a few moments.
  3. Step 3:
    Install the Razor client.
  4. Step 4:
    Run Razor and refer to the image below for specifying the correct IP address and port.

  5. Server IP Address:
  6. Server Port:

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Connect

That's pretty much it, once you've gone through this process you should be able to connect to the server and start playing! If you have any difficulties in the installation process please reach out to me on our discord server or through the contact page on this site. I have helped quite a numer of players sort out a variety of issues with the installation process for ClassicUO especially.

    Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer
    Co-Author: Mortico