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Donation Coins

Donation Coins

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There is an in game currency available within the Singularity - UO free shard called Sovereigns or Donation Coins. This currency can be used to buy mounts, deco items, clothing and much more. Several of the in game items have been significantly improved as well, for example the Pen of Wisdom requires no materials to create Runebook copies, and the Quiver of Infinity is actually infinite! Most of the available items are cosmetic in nature or designed as quality improvements, and nothing is required as a purchase to be able to play and keep up with others.

Please note that you will recieve a promotion code in your email that is associated with your paypal account after purchase. If you have trouble locating it please double check your spam and junk mail folders as well. Without a promotion code you will not be able to claim the in game currency.

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VIP Level

     There is also a VIP level attached to each account that will gain 1 level for every 1000 donation coins purchased up to a maximum of VIP level 9. These VIP levels will be gained after applying your promotion code in the in game UO store. Currently the following benefits are gained for each VIP level:

  1. +2000 Daily Coins per day can be earned on the account from Paragons.
  2. +2000 Daily coins per day can be earned on the account from integrations.
  3. There is a vendor near the west bank in Britain that can exchange daily coins for various in game items, go check it out!

Also note that the in game store can be found by accessing the UO Store button in game while standing in an inn or a player owned house, you can also see where to apply promotion codes highlighted in this image as well:

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Store

     Author: JarJarIsASith, Singularity - UO free shard developer