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    This page serves as a general guideline of what to expect in terms of development efforts through the year of 2021. Please be aware that this roadmap and the dates provided are very generalized and we might achieve some of these milestones much more quickly or not as quickly in some cases. Also note, that there will always be ongoing efforts for things like balancing, class talent reworks, and general smaller improvements. So just because these are not listed here, does not mean they are being left out.

    For those of you playing or considering playing on our shard, the one thing that I think should be considered the most is our track record for delivering high quality content to players. The first lines of code for this server were written at the begining of May 2020, so we have only been around for eight months at the time of this writing, and yet we have released 11 classes, end game dungeon content and progression systems, balanced classes with incredibly diverse ways to approach playing the game and building characters, as well as a flexible PvP system that keeps toxic PvP out of our server and provides a way for players to fight one another on even ground to earn incredible rewards.

    To achieve all of this while also fixing hundreds of ServUO bugs, adding hundreds of minor improvements, and maintaining server uptime of over 99%, should tell players just how dedicated we are to ensuring UO Singularity is a competitive server and players can trust that one day this server will be the only UO Free Shard to consider if you want fair, balanced, and diverse gameplay.

What to expect in the next few months:

By JarJarIsASith
April 8th, 2021 Progress Update


  • Ok, so a lot of the groundwork for PvP has been laid out, the only thing left for me to implement here is the end of season rewards. To recap what these will be: an ethereal mount converter (turns any mount into an ethereal) and a special ethereal mount hue deed, that will permanently attach to a mount and allow you to change the mount's hue to one of your seasonal hues. Remember that I am estimating players will need no more than 200 matches played to earn these rewards.
  • Before I add these rewards and progress indications for players, I want to skip ahead to start catching up in some of the PvE backlog we have. It has been a long while since we had any PvE content updates.
  • The first thing I will be focussing on is a multiclassing system. This system is going to allow for players to find open world drops in Paragon Storm elite areas that will allow players to unlock a Mastery tier from a class that is not their current class. For example a Ranger would be able to swap their T1 abilities for a Juggernaut's tiered abilities but will be able to do this at most, once every other cooldown. There will be a system for aquiring and leveling these up so you can find the ones you want the most and make your character very unique. Remember, I will also be continuing to balance the mastery abilities as well in the hopes that one particular set of abilities doesn't become the only thing sought after by players.
  • After this system I will move back to complete the PvP rewards.
  • Then, I will begin introducing a new from of competitive PvE that will allow players to compete for rankings and special rewards with small groups of predetermined players. The design here is still not completed but at a basic level, I want for PvE only players to have ways to engage in friendly competition with others on the shard and potentially access some unique rewards for those efforts.
  • Just keeping you all in the loop, its been about 5 months or so since I started on the mastery and PvP implementations, but I have not forgotten about everything else.

Development Project: PvP and New Skill Trees

By JarJarIsASith
January 2021 - March 2021


PvP Balancing Work Ahead

  • We have made a lot of progress already in PvP, and this progress has been made much more quickly than I had originally anticipated. We have brought our first battleground online and added class functionality to PvP where there previously was none.
  • The next steps for our current development work is to balance out many of the issues that PvP has at its core in UO. Things like spamming spells too frequently, spells like teleport being far too powerful, and being able to front load massive amounts of damage for instant kills are all things that need to either be limited or have counterplay available. Alongside these obviously broken mechanics that need adjusting, there will be a lot of small things that are tweaked to bring as much interactivity as possible to the fights and balance out skills so that there is variety.

Battleground Shop + Lowering Barrier Of Entry

  • I am planning to create an in Battleground shop where players can enhance their characters throughout the duration of a match. These will be designed to allow players to compensate for being undergeared and also to allow them to make strategical decisions to improve their chances at winning.
  • In addition to this, I am planning to insert baselines for all stats to anyone participating in the battlegrounds. For example, players with less HP regen than the cap, might be raised to half of the cap while in the battlegrounds. This is to ensure there is less a gap of gear in fights, and the outcomes are more likely to be determined by skill. At the same time, I will not raise all stats to the cap or to specific amounts because getting gear and making decisions on how to itemize a character is also part of the fun for these types of games.

Leaderboards and Rewards

  • I will also be adding improved leaderboards accessible in game and various other rewards for PvP achievements and participation.
  • These rewards will be tied to final seasonal placement in some cases, and in other cases will be earnable simply by participating.
  • I also plan to add a statue system where player statues are created above the bridges near the moongate in Britain town centre, for the highest ranking PvP players.

New Skill Trees (PvE and PvP Dual Purpose)

  • Currently, each class has a single skill tree with three tiers of talents to choose from. The design behind all of these talents has been passive in nature. There are no talents that add new buttons to the game for you to press and this was by intentional design. Unfortunately, for many classes, the play is incredibly one-dimensional and limited to decision making about positions and using potions with little else in terms of interactivity.
  • New "Active" Skill Tree - for this reason we will be adding a new skill tree that is focused on bringing more active class functionality to the game. I know many players are not as interested in PvP as others, and those players should be aware that these skills are being designed with both PvE and PvP in mind. I am attempting to ensure that these abilities have usefulness in both areas, allowing players to further customize their characters.

Sample Juggernaut Talents:

  • Below are some of the talents I am considering for the Juggernaut class for example, remember that all of this is still subject to change but I think it gives players a general idea of what is to come.
  • [Ability] Tornado Strike - 60s CD - pull in all enemies within a range of 10 and freeze them for 1s.
  • [Ability] Charge - 60s CD - you gain mounted movement speed for 4s, breaks all paralyze, snare and freeze effects.
  • [Ability] Thorned Shield - 120s CD - for 5s all attacks against you will reflect for 100% of the damage amount.
  • [Ability] Stone Form - 60s CD - for 10s reduce all damage against you by 75%, you will be snared during this duration.
  • [Ability] Grappling Hook - 60s CD - the next auto attack against you in 5s will be countered with a grappling hook that pulls the attacker to you and strikes them.
  • [Ability] Grounding Strike - 60s CD - your next auto attack within 5s snares nearby enemies within a range of 10 for 4s and prevents them from teleporting for 10s, if these enemies are not players damage from them is reduced by 50% for 10s.
  • [Ability] Grounding Aura - any enemy within 10 yards will be stunned for 4s if they attempt to cast teleport.
  • Again, remember that this is simply an example of the new abilities you might have access to, it will likely change in many ways once we begin the implementation.

Tree Development Principles:

  • For these new trees we will be following some general principles:
    • These new talents will focus on activatable abilities for all one-dimensional classes: berserker, juggernaut, ranger, zealot, (any class without magery in the kit essentially).
    • For magery focussed classes these talents might continue to develop passive improvements to existing functionality.
    • For pet based classes like Master of Beasts, Elementalist, and Demonologist we will likely see things that focus on defining these classes further and enhance their pets in various ways.

Development Project: New PvE Content - Dungeon Races

By JarJarIsASith
April 2021 - June 2021


The general concept:

  • After we are done with PvP and New Skill Trees, I will be shifting development back to expanding more interactive PvE gameplay.
  • In order to do this, I am planning to implement a new dungeon that has a set of monsters that are set in stone at the begining of each week. Players will be able to queue for this dungeon and the goal will be to complete the dungeon in as little time as possible.
  • There will be leaderboards for this content and I am still considering the specifics of this design to ensure it rewarding, fun and fair.
  • I plan to allow players to gain weekly tier upgrades as a reward for high performance for this content.
  • I am considering also having teams racing against one another with the ability to invade the other team's side of the dungeon, but I want to ensure this doesn't negatively impact players that do not wish to PvP at all, so I am still toying with how to design the system regarding this.

Development Project: Crafting Overhaul

By JarJarIsASith
Summer 2021


The general concept:

  • I have been considering a number of ways to overhaul crafting and bring more in depth crafting to the game.
  • At the core crafting in UO is simply not fun in my opinion, also, this is a general crafting issue in many games that I have played. The idea of sitting at an anvil and repeatedly pressing the same button over and over is not very appealling. So while I don't yet have a direct answer for how I wish to approach this problem, I do want to make sure that whatever I end up creating for crafting, it brings more interactivity than the regular mindless crafting we find in games, if I can.
  • Beyond this, I plan to add tools to help with decoing houses, things previously requested like yard wands for modifying terrain near houses, and keys for storing large amounts of reagents.

Development Project: VIP System + Shop Overhaul

By JarJarIsASith
Summer 2021 Continued


The general concept:

  • There are a lot of things I want to add to the game to improve QoL and give players ways to customize characters.
  • This is a long ways out still but is on my radar.

     Author: JarJarIsASith, UO Singularity Free Shard Developer