Singularity - UO Free Shard - Title

Sample Builds

By JarJarIsASith

     This page provides information on potential ways that a player can build their characters on the Singularity - UO free shard. Remember that many of these builds require unlocking a class feature for their full potential. Read up on the class system feature for more information on how to do this.

    This list of skill combination is not a comprehensive list but only intended to serve as a guide to newer players looking for a direction to go with in their early steps.

Sample Dexxer Builds:

  1. Juggernaut 1: Swordsmanship / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Parry / Resist Spells / Poisoning
    This will make you somewhat tanky and allows you auto poison enemies on attack if you carry poisons potions of the appropriate level in your base backpack.
  2. Juggernaut 2: Swordsmanship / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Parry / Resist Spells / Wrestling
    This will make you the tankiest class in the game by utilizing the absorbtion benefits of Parry, Resist Spells, and Wrestling. This template can reach the highest potential damage mitigation available in the game, and this is the only build that can unlock this full potential.
  3. Juggernaut 3: Swordsmanship / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Parry / Resist Spells / Archery
    This will be a well rounded build, allowing you to be very tanky and kill enemies from a distance.
  4. Berserker 1: Swordsmanship / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Mining / Lumberjacking / Poisoning
    Who needs a tank when you can just grab a Bardiche or Halberd and lay waste to enemies. Once you unlock this class you'll notice that wielding these two weapons leads to massive damage output. The only problem you'll face is finding the right weapon as they are hard to come by! Adding poison allows you to also poison enemies in combat. Remember that you can work up both lumberjacking and mining by simply hitting enemies with a polearm weapon!
  5. Berserker 2: Swordsmanship / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Mining / Lumberjacking / Resist Spells
    Adding the Resist Spells skill to this template will unlock greater potential for damage absorbtion, reducing the downside to playing a pure damage oriented class.

Sample Bard Builds:

  1. Spell Singer 1: Magery / Meditation / Musicianship / Discordance / Provocation / Peacemaking / Poisoning
    The spell singer has powerful buffs to how their Blade Spirits function, giving them dispell protection as well as reduced control slots requirements, adding poisoning to this allows for your blade spirits to apply poisons as well.
  2. Spell Singer 2: Magery / Meditation / Musicianship / Discordance / Provocation / Peacemaking / Evaulate Intelligence
    This template will allow you to wield the powers of blade spirits and have viable mage damage as well through Evaluate Intelligence
  3. Minstrel Bard 1: Fencing / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Musicianship / Provocation / Parry
    Minstrels come with a dagger mastery talent that allows them to poison and attack very fast with 2 speed weapons, this build helps to ensure they can stand on the frontline to help their groups tank and make quick progress through end game content.
  4. Minstrel Bard 2: Archery / Tactics / Anatomy / Healing / Musicianship / Provocation / Hiding
    This is a class Bard build that gives a player a lot of safety, blade spirits are still useful but not quite as powerful as they are for a spell singer, the addition of hiding can be helpful when dealing with monsters you need to drop aggro on.
  5. Tamer Bard: Animal Taming / Animal Lore / Veterinary / Musicianship / Peacemaking / Discordance / Magery
    One of the most powerful PvE templates in the game, this allows you to leverage two of the most powerful abilities in the game discordance and animal taming. By taking Magery as your 7th skill you can also effectively DPS from range using a Mage Weapon bow.

Sample Mage Builds:

  1. Demonologist: Magery / Meditation / Evaluate Intellect / Inscription / Resist Spells / Spirit Speaking / Poisoning
    This is one of the most unique builds available on the Singularity - UO free shard, once you unlock the Demonologist class your Summon Daemon spell will summon a Balron instead of a normal Daemon. This skill combination has the ability to contest Animal Taming once you reach the highest skill levels. Remember that the Balron will transform into a regular Daemon if you attack innocent players (including yourself!), so I would not recommend it for those with murderous intentions.
  2. Elementalist: Magery / Meditation / Evaluate Intellect / Tactics / Inscription / Archery / Anatomy
    This template will allow to open hard on enemies from a distance and make you tough to kill through all the healing you have available. The downside is you will be sacrificing a lot of defensive capabilities to achieve this and you'll need to find some good leather / mage armor as well.
  3. Thaumaturge: Magery / Meditation / Evaluate Intellect / Inscription / Resist Spells / Alchemy / Wrestling
    This template is a standard way to play as the Thaumaturge class and has the highest potential dps output available in the game.

These are by no means the only builds available in the game with high end game viability. If you have ideas you'd like to try, jump into the server discord and ask questions about your ideas to get some helpful veteran player advice.