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UO Singularity New Player Guide

By Mortico

    Welcome to the Singularity - UO free shard, and be sure to join us on Discord in case you have any questions or need some assistance. If you are looking for a more advanced guide on how to advance your character, check out the character progression guide.

Tip #1: Choosing a Class to Work Towards

    This is the easiest way to get some short and medium term goals started. The skills required to unlock a class can be found on the classes page. Skills increase quickly on this server, so it can take a little as a day to reach the skill cap of 700.

    When choosing a class, remember that one of the goals on this server is to balance various play styles. So while you might normally have to play as an Animal Tamer on other shards to participate fully in end game content, that is not the case here. All classes are valuable contributors in end game content and almost always nice to have in a group. So our recommendation on selecting a class is to choose something that has a play style that you might enjoy rather than choosing something because it's a requirement on other shards. If you can't tell what play style you might enjoy, try to ask some veteran players in discord on their thoughts and you'll find some very helpful guidance.

    Check out the skill pages to learn the some unique aspects of skills for this shard. Some of the information here might also be slightly antiquated, so be sure to jump to the class channels in discord for more help on how you'd like to plan your characters.

Additional Notes

  • Alacrity scolls can be used to further accelerate skill gain for 15 minutes, these are usually best used at higher skill levels (~70.0 or higher).
  • You can purchase power scrolls as you advance to increase the skill cap for each skill, up to 120. These extra skill points do not count toward the 700 skill cap. This means your final end game character can achieve 7x 120.0 skills (you cannot however achieve 8x 100.0 builds).

Tip #2: Magery and Mage Weapons

    Both the Recall and Mark spells require no magery skill or spell reagents to cast, so you won't need magery on every character. Gate also can be cast by all characters but does require reagents.

    If you need magery for your character, one of the first things you should do is obtain a mage weapon. Mage weapons use your magery skill instead of a combat skill, and will increase your magery skill as you attack things. You can easily reach 100 magery in about an hour using a mage weapon.

Additional Notes

  • You do not need to unequip your weapon to cast Recall or Mark, it's also usually best to play without using the auto unequip weapon on cast option in Razor.
  • Weapons with spell channeling can remain equipped while casting any spell, also your spells gain the slayer type of the weapon you have equipped!
  • Mage weapons will lower your magery skill as much as -26, with better versions having penalties as low as -5, you can reverse by equipping jewelry with +Magery skill.
  • Mage weapons are a good way to increase your damage output, even if you don't get the tactics skill, your spell damage increases proc damage also.
  • Spell reagents can be purchased in small ammounts from the NPC vendors.
  • Reagent restock deeds are also sold by NPC vendors, which can be redeemed for bulk quantities. They are considerably more expensive (see Treasure Maps below for tips on making gold).
  • You can get all spell scrolls from NPC vendors, or you can purchase a full book from another player.
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Mage Weapon Example

Tip #3: Hunt Monsters in Bonus Dungeons

    Bonus dungeons are the best places to hunt monsters. There are always two randomly designated "bonus dungeons." These dungeons will rotate every so often (See paragon storms below). If you're not sure where to start, Despise, Covetous and Deceit are the easiest dungeons for brand new players.

    To view the current bonus dungeons, you can check the character info page that opens when you log in. You can also access it by double clicking the middle scroll on your paperdoll (bottom left corner).

    All dungeons can be accessed via a gate north of the west Britain bank, near where your new character first spawned.

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Vendor and Gate Location

Bonus Dungeons Effects

  • Your skill gain will be increased by an extra 0.1 each time it increases.
  • Increased drop rates for items, gold and dungeon coins (see dungeon coins below).

Additional Notes For All Dungeons

  • Skill gains are accelerated even more while in dungeons.
  • Dungeons are in Felucca, so PvP is enabled. Watch out for murderers! Also remember, most players want to group up while farming, you can do so simply by following them and attacking the same targets. It might be polite to ask first, but most players will be more angry if you don't group up than if you do, the reason is you get more loot per kill with more players grouping up together, but you can kill much faster and protect each other from danger. This is a lot different than what you might experience on other UO Shards.
  • In dungeons enhanced monsters have a higher spawn rate than normal such as paragons, greaters, and even greater paragons.
  • The monster types and spawn locations are highly customized, so you will encounter different and more powerful monsters than you are used to.
  • Death for young players will be relatively painless as you will not drop any items.
  • Once you lose your young player status your corpse will remain in the dungeon. You will have to run out of the dungeon to ressurrect at a wandering healer or ask for help on from other players on Discord.
  • You can insure items so they won't drop on your corpse by single left-clicking your character and choosing "open insurance menu"
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Character Info Screen

Tip #4: Earn Dungeon Coins

    There are four additional currencies that you will accumulate as you play: Daily coins, virtue coins, lesser and greater dungeon coins. These can be redeemed for special items at color-coded vendors near the britain gate, just north of the west Britain bank.

Useful Dungeon Coin Items

  • Class 2x XP deed 1hr: Doubles XP gain for leveling your character's class.
  • Spell channeling deed: Adds spell channeling to any weapon or shield.
  • Ancient power deed: Generates a pouch of several magical versions of the targeted item. Higher "luck" will give better items.
  • Add/reroll slayer deeds: Add a slayer type to a weapon, add a second slayer type, or reroll the existing slayer types. All slayers are super slayers and double damage to the specified type.
  • Virtue Armor: Virtue armor pieces with random stats, mages who want to meditate should buy leather. Very good gear even into the mid game. Higher "luck" will give better virtue armor on purchase.
  • Pet bonding deed: The mount or pet you target will become a ghost when it dies and ressurrect when you do.
  • Antique, brittle and curse removal powder: Use these scrolls to remove disadvantages from items.

Tip #5: Treasure Maps and Making

    Treasure maps are the most reliable way to obtain large amounts of gold and they are remarkably easy to complete in the Singularity - UO free shard. Even a level 0 treasure map can earn you 32k gold.

    Treasure maps have a random chance to drop into your inventory after killing monsters, this chance increases if the monster is a paragon, greater or tiered monster (T1, T2 and T3).

Treasure Map Steps

  1. Buy a shovel or pick axe.
  2. Cast recall, targeting the treasure map to recall to the treasure's location.
  3. In most cases you will recall exactly one tile from the treasure, so you can just start digging!
  4. You don't need to decode maps but can if you like (Cartography skill is not required).
  5. To begin digging, you can use a shovel or pickaxe on the map.
  6. Wait about 10 seconds.
  7. Fight the four "guardian" monsters that spawn.
  8. Open the treasure chest and take the prize ticket.
  9. Double click the prize ticket when you are ready to recieve the gold and loot.

Additional Notes

  • Doing anything, such as going into war mode or casting a spell, will interrupt the dig and you will need to start over.
  • The guardian monsters that spawn depend on the level of the treasure map from 0 to 4.
  • Yellow treasure maps will spawn paragon monsters, so be prepared for a challenge or ask for someone to help you complete them.
  • When you have a lot of treasure maps, you can obtain a Treasure Map Almagamator to combine same-level treasure maps. You can ask another player to combine your maps, or purchase one for 1 million greater dungeon coins. For example, a 9x treasure map will produce 9x prize tickets of the appropriate level.
  • Increasing your "luck" attribute with gear will cause prize tickets to roll better loot. Most players have a seprate "luck suit" for this purpose.
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Treasure Maps

Tip #6: Paragon Storms

    You will often see a notice (and some music playing) indicating that a paragon storm has started. These storms last 1 hour and dramatically increase the spawn rate of paragon monsters in the all dungeons.

    This is the best time to go hunting, as you will obtain a larger number of treasure maps and special items. You will often find many players hunting together in the bonus dungeons, most will gladly invite you to join them.

Additional Notes

  • If you don't see any paragons at first, kill all the monsters you find, each is more likely to respawn as a paragon.
  • After 1 hour, the storm will end and the bonus dungeons will change (this and server restart are the only times bonus dungeons change).
  • Parties are not required as loot is divided up automatically.
  • More players attacking a monster will increase the overall amount of loot, so you only serve to gain by grouping up!
  • You will get full XP from every kill regardless of how many players helped.
  • Spawn rates of monsters will increase the more players are in the dungeon.
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Paragon Storm

Tip #7: Even More Additional Notes

    These are extra details that didn't fit into the above sections.

  • You can log off instantly anywhere except inside dungeons.
  • If you buy out all of an NPC vendor's stock of an item, it should refresh instantly to 500 of that item.
  • You can search all player vendors by single-clicking your character and choosing "vendor search." Note that you need to select at least 3 search criteria for it to return results. For example: Item name, Price: low to high, Non Auction Item.
  • You can have up to 4 accounts per household (IP address).
  • The era of the server is modern UO, but all of the expansion lands are currently inaccessable.
  • The overworld of Brittania is Trammel (PVP disabled) but the dungoens are Felucca (PVP enabled).
  • You can donate to the server to get special items such as quivers or earrings of infinite ammo for bows and crossbows. Some of these items are also available through the voting points system.
  • There is a rune library located just outside of Britain: Run west to the mountain pass, go south before you enter the pass, it's the first custom stone tower you see.
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Rune Library Location