Singularity - UO Free Shard - Title

Ice Dungeon Event

By JarJarIsASith

     The Ice Dungeon in the Singularity - UO free shard has been reworked into something much more than just another dungeon. This is the first release of end game content that is designed as a server wide event that will require more than just a single person to complete the content.

    This area is also special due to the fact that it is not possible to recall into the area ever, and recalling out can only be done after clearing the content. This makes the area extra dangerous as criminals and murderers could potentially infiltrate the area, and players might have to fight for survival rather than simply recalling away to safety.

    Access to this area is restricted to only those who are level 100+ and to murderers. If you are neither of these then you will not be able to enter the dungeon.

    When does this event occur and how do I access it? This event occurs at the end of every Paragon Storm after a short 3 minute break. When it spawns a special portal will be opened up in Britain next to the town centre moongate. The dungeon can be spawned three times for a total of three clears of the dungeon as well. Each time it is cleared, a new more difficult tier will spawn. These difficulty levels are referred to as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. As you go up in tiers, the rewards become more powerful as well.

  Tiered Monsters Explained:

    What are tiered monsters? The tiered monster system allows for the generation of unique and potentially very powerful random monsters. The way it works is very simple, there are two values that determine how powerful a monster is: intensity and tier. At the time of this writing these monsters will only be found in Ice, but as we expand and release new features and content, you can be certain they will appear in other areas as well.

    Intensity can be a value of 1, 2 or 3, and this value determines how many base stats a creature has, as well as what abilities they come with. Intensity 1 units will only have a weapon ability (like double strike). Intensity 2 units will have both a weapon ability and a special attack (like dragon breath). And Intensity 3 units will come with an additional counter attack ability that can either teleport or vortex players after being damaged by them. Intensity 3 units will always be hued with a dark red color so they are easy to distinguish. Bosses are always intensity 3 despite not being hued in this manner.

    Tier of a monster also determines additional base stats, but in addition to this each tier grants a monster a tiered unit ability. These abilities can do things like give the monster more raw stats for melee, or give them special abilities that players need to learn to navigate and counter to have efficient and successful progress in the dungeon. Bosses are also given these abilities and can sometimes become quite devastating foes to deal with due to the complete randomness to this. Last, each monster category (theme) has special tiered abilities that are unique to that specific theme.

  Intensity 1 - Weapon Abilities:

  1. Bleed - "Bleed Attack" - Occassionally unleashes a bleed attack on their target, causing them to not be capable of healing except through Spirit Speaking, this can be removed with bandages.
  2. Disarm - "Disarm" - Occassionally disarms their target.
  3. Dismount - "Dismount" - Occassionally dismounts their target.
  4. Double - "Double Strike" - Occassionally double strikes their target.
  5. Mortal - "Mortal Strike" - Occassionally mortal strikes their target, causing them to not be capable of healing except through Spirit Speaking.
  6. Block - "Block" - Occassionally blocks incoming attacks.
  7. Stun - "Paralyzing Blow" - Occassionally stuns their target for a short duration.
  8. Force - "Force Of Nature" - Occassionally unleashes a powerful attack that deals direct damage and stuns their enemy, the stun duration is based on Resist Spells skill.

  Intensity 2 - Special Abilities:

  1. Blast - "Conductive Blast" - an attack that lowers the targets resistance to energy damage.
  2. Flurry - "Flurry Force" - an attack that lowers the targets resistance to physical damage.
  3. Howl - "Howl Of Cacophony" - at attack that causes players speed to be reduced to walking speed for a duration.
  4. Claw - "Grasping Claw" - an attack that lowers the targets resistance to physical damage.
  5. Inferno - "Inferno" - an attack that lowers the targets resistance to fire damage
  6. Drain - "Mana Drain" - an attack and counterattack that drains the target of 40-60 mana.
  7. Ignite - "Raging Breath" - at attack that deals periodic fire damage each second for 10 seconds.
  8. Breath - "Dragon Breath" - a powerful attack that deals increased damage based on the remaining health of the monster.
  9. Repel - "Repel" - an attack that reflects the damage back at the attacker, this can be mitigated through resistances and absorption.
  10. Sear - "Searing Wounds" - an attack that causes the player to receive reduced healing for a short duration.
  11. Vampiric - "Steal Life" - an attack that causes the monster to steal life from the player every 5 seconds for a 25 second duration.
  12. Venom - "Venomous Bite" - an attack that unleashes poison to all nearby players within 3 squares.
  13. Corrupt - "Rune Corruption" - an attack that significantly lowers all resistances for a duration.
  14. Leech - "Life Leech" - a chaos damage attack that drains the life from the monsters target each second for 5 seconds.
  15. Web - "Webbing" - a powerful attack and counterattack stun that completely incapacitates a player for a lengthy duration.
  16. Anemia - "Anemia" - a powerful drain health attack that also infects players with a stat reducing disease for 60 seconds.
  17. Diseased - "Blood Disease" - a damage over time disease attack that deals poison damage to players once every 2 seconds while infected.
  18. Sticky - "Sticky Skin" - an attack and counterattack that causes players to have reduced attack speed for a short duration.
  19. Swipe - "Tail Swipe" - a stun attack that also saps a players dex and str for a short duration.
  20. Rage - "Rage" - an attack that causes the monster to unleash a wave of attacks against its opponents.
  21. Heal - "Heal" - an attack that causes the monster to heal itself.
  22. Spit - "Poison Spit" - a counterattack that causes the monster to spit poison at its foes.
  23. Fear - "True Fear" - an attack that will stun enemies for up to 13 seconds, can be reduced by up to 12 seconds based on Resist Spells skill.
  24. Smash - "Colossal Blow" - a powerful attack that stuns for 5 seconds.
  25. Parasitic - "Life Drain" - a powerful life drain attack and counterattack that siphons health from all nearby enemies within 2 squares.
  26. Rampage - "Colossal Rage" - causes the monster to enter a frenzy at low health unleashing a series of devastating attacks on their target.

  Intensity 3 - Couter Attack Abilities:

  1. Teleport - this counter attack teleports the monster to the player and then they will swap targets to the teleported player.
  2. Vortex - this counter attack teleports the player to the monster and then they will swap targets to the teleported player.
  3. Apocalypse - this counter attack will teleport random players close by then follow up with a powerful chain lightning attack 3 seconds later.

  Tiered Abilities:

  1. Guardian - Elementals only, this raises their resistance by a significant amount to one damage type.
  2. Frenzy - Repond only, this grants faster attack speed and raises their attack speed for 10 seconds after a nearby player death.
  3. Recluse - Arachnid only, this raises their damage based on the number of nearby non-player units, the fewer nearby the more damage they deal.
  4. Cursed - Demon only, this ability causes nearby players to become living bombs, exploding next to other players raises the damage exponentially based on the number of players hit.
  5. Gaze - Juka/Ophidian only, this ability causes the monster to target the farthest away player still within 10 squares distance, it will teleport to that player, stun them for 4 seconds and immediately attack them.
  6. Colossal - Dragons only, this ability causes the unit to gain 50% more health.
  7. Magus - Undead only, converts the unit to mage AI, grants significant intellect, reduces the cast delay on all spells to 0.1 seconds, and causes the units to focus on casting higher tier more devestating spells.
  8. Exterminator - Causes the unit to deal significantly increased damage to non-player units.
  9. Vanquisher - Causes the unit to occassionally unleash a deadly counter attack when struck by ranged attacks or spells.
  10. Ravager - The monster's damage is increased based on the number of players nearby, the fewer players nearby the more damage it deals.
  11. Reflector - The monster will occassionally raise a reflective barrier that reflects damage based on the monster's remaining health and tier. Higher tier monsters with more health reflect more damage, up to 100% reflection at T3 with full health.
  12. Giant - Gains a large amount of strength and base damage.
  13. Omnicient - Gains a large amount of intellect and evaluate intellect skill.

  Rewards Explained:

    What rewards are available? The special rewards for this dungeon are split into three categories: Lesser Artifacts, Greater Artifacts, and Singularity Points. Below you will see explanations for each of these rewards.

Lesser Artifacts

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Ice Museum Sample
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Ice Museum Sample 2
Singularity - UO Free Shard - Ice Museum Sample 3

    Lesser Artifacts are only available upon boss kills. Each player has a completely separate roll for loot, so no matter how many players participate, your rewards will be unchanged. Also, you will gain additional chance to earn an artifact based on how many monsters you helped clear in that tier before the boss, so there is good reason to participate in the entire clear as it will come close to doubling your chances at a reward.

    Most of the Lesser Artifacts available from this dungeon are deco and there is a museum in Britain on the north side of town that has many of these items on display (see this pictured above). There is a loot table that has over 100 possible drops for this reward. There is also a special Ethereal Hell Hound that drops and is only obtainable through this reward. However, there are also some powerful clothing items that drop which players can utilize to power up their characters. These lesser artifact clothing drops gain in power based on tier.

Greater Artifacts

Singularity - UO Free Shard - Tier 1 Weapon Sample 1 Singularity - UO Free Shard - Tier 1 Weapon Sample 2 Singularity - UO Free Shard - Tier 1 Weapon Sample 3

    For a detailed explanation on how greater artifacts (tiered weapons) are earned through our treasure vault system, please check out our treasure vault page. It has detailed information on how to take advantage of this end game progression system.

    Greater Artifacts are very different than the lessers and are available as Weekly and Monthly chest rewards. Each time a player participates in a boss kill or in a PvP battleground, they will be rewarded a roll chance at earning a greater artifact. If they fail to earn the item, that roll chance will be retained and added to their next roll until they earn an item. This way players can make continuous progress towards high end items at their own pace. Players can also choose which weapon types they prefer to receive the most, giving them an increased chance to find those items in their Weekly and Monthly chest rewards.

    These artifacts only come in the form of weapons, and they utilize the Paragon weapon tag system but roll with additional stats. The amount of additional stats is based on the tier of the item, so T3 weapons have the highest stat potential in the game.

    Last, these weapons can also have glyphs applied to them, further increasing their final potential. Continue reading about Singularity Points below for a brief description of the glyph system.

Singularity Points & Glyphs

    For a detailed explanation on singularity points and glyphs, please check out our singularity points and glyphs page. It has detailed information on how to take advantage of this end game progression system.

    Singularity Points are yet another reward for this content. These points will be earned with each tier of the dungeon cleared if the minimum participation threshold is met, meaning you must help clear a portion of the dungeon to earn this reward. Also, once per week each tier will grant an additional 100 points which is where a majority of points will be earned. It has been designed in this manner to ensure players with less time on their hands can still earn these points and keep up with friends for end game progression. There is also a reward of 2 points per clear after these 100 bonus points are unlocked each week (resets Friday 6pm Central Time), which is small but still allow players to progress and be rewarded for participation multiple times each week.

    The vendor that sells items related to these rewards is located near the town centre moongate in Britain right next to the starting player inn.

    These points are used to purchase glyphs, which are special items that can be applied to player equipment that will unlock an item leveling system. As the item levels up it will gain the powers that were applied through glyphs, allowing players to create truly epic end game gear. The last thing players need to know about glyphs is that the glyphs are soulbound items and any item they are applied to will also become both blessed and soulbound to that character. This means that no other character will ever be able to equip those items once the glyph is applied, and players can only make use of glyphs they have earned themselves, there is no shortcut to maximizing your characters to their true gear potential.

    One important thing to remember is that glyphs can never be undone once applied, so be very careful with your choices regarding glyphs, there is a confirmation gump to prevent accidental selection that you can right click to close if you miss-click your selection. It is possible to place a rune on an item that will have no impact, for example if a helmet has Fire Eater 15% on it already, then applying a Fire Eater Glyph to that item will consume and apply the glyph but the item will gain no stats as the item levels. It is very important to understand that the indicated glyph value (amount) is NOT additive, but instead it is a resulting final value after the item is leveled completely.

    The leveling of these glyphed items is also something players need to understand. The way this works is first and foremost, players must be level 300 to begin gaining glyph item experience. Double exp scrolls will apply to this experience. The item experience does not impact your Singularity Level experience, but instead each experience point gained will be applied to all your items, divided evenly amongst each glyph on all items. This means, for example if you have a weapon with a greater and lesser glyph, and also a helmet with a lesser glyph, the experience will be divided by 3 and applied to each glyph seperately. As your item levels the power of the applied glyph will grow linearly with the level of the item up to its maximium power achieveable at glyph level 300.

    Upon release of this system, only weapons and the primary six armor slots: chest, legs, arms, neck, helm and gloves are possible rune application locations. In the future we will likely add in jewelry, talismans and shields.

    Also note, that some powerful items in the world such as the virtue armors will be labelled as not glyphable, in the future we will likely expand ways for players to open up glyph slots on these items in some capacity, but at the time of this writing these items cannot be glyphed.

    On a final note, please remember that this system will continue to evolve as time goes on, so specific rewards may change, the above images are not completely comprehensive and may vary slightly as the system continues to be updated.